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My new security device at home – digital lock!

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So far we have relied heavily on other measures for the safety and security of our house or office through cameras, scanners, alarms etc. but the latest one to join this bandwagon is none other than locks; yes I am talking about digital locks which are ruling the roost at the moment throughout.

Singapore has shown tremendous potential in the digital locks and the market is going to grow many folds in coming years undoubtedly. This has become evident through the digital lock sale report gathered across the country from different shops, retailers, shoppers in different cities.

Digital locks are way ahead of their contemporaries in providing the most reliable layer of security which was never ever imagined before. They are working in tandem with other surveillance and security gadgets and complimenting them very nicely.

The best feature about the digital locks is extensibility which makes them even more secure and reliable compared to anything else. In my case, for example, I have configured my digital lock on the main door with my phone software such that any entry/exit is recorded here.

Likewise, I have also configured door lock with my camera and recording system such that any movement is trapped properly in the system for me to have a look at later point of time. I have also got this system configured with the alarm system where any undesirable access is reported, captured and triggered at the same point of time making my house safe and secure.

Out of many types of locks currently available in the market, the one which actually shook me hard and compelled me to have a look was yale lock Singapore which are very gorgeous and robust in nature. They are also available in the customized format so that you could install the modified version depending upon your need and current set up.

Digital locks are also available with biometric system embedded which makes them a composite security system hard to breach. Not only that, it is quite easy to reset them as and when required provided you should have the master password handy.

In Singapore specially, an digital lock is providing the class level authentic products in a much reasonable cost which you would not find anywhere else. They have a good reputation as well for providing good post delivery service as well. You can find more about them through an digital lock facebook page.