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Planning a day of teambuilding activities for my Singapore buddies

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You know my hobbies is about fishing. We can fish all day. So in a few weeks time, i will be heading down to Singapore to plan for some events where I get my friends who are working there that share similar interests to come together.

So when we come together, we usually have fun, mingle around, but this time, I want to have some team building singapore activities to get every one to know each other better on a deeper level. We want to be different a bit this year as all the gatherings in the past has always been good, but we just feel that something is missing. Hence, something different this year.

The things I plan to do with them of course have to deal with more about sport tackles, because thats what we come together for! Some of them are my suppliers, which means they sell me sport tackles, which in turn i sell to my customers. Some of them are my fishing buddies are have been fishing as a hobby for years. So by getting them to come together, to know each other, we hope we can help each other’s businesses to grow and prosper more.

What else can we do in 1 day? Other than just team building games, I also plan to get everyone to sit down and explore opportunities for fishing as a sport in singapore. It is growing slightly as my friends shared with me that more and more people are into fishing in Singapore these days, just that it is not very popular yet. But it is good to hear such news from a far. Hence, my mission is to help them grow the industry a bit more.

Working as a team to grow a project is important, so i hope through these activities, we can learn more about each other personalities, just like learning about DISC profiling, and then work together to achieve a common goal.

That’s good for every one of my fishing buddies, as well as the fishing lovers as a whole!

By the way, if you miss out my last post on selling more sport tackles, please read here. I think it is important that if we want to grow the fishing sport more, we have to learn more about technology and how it works. We need to tap into new opportunities to get people more interested to learn about fishing.

That’s an update from me now. Once the teambuilding day is over, I’ll be back with the updates,and you can see all the fun we have. Stay tuned!

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