7 most popular sports in asia

Image result for hoverboarding as sportAsia is known to be the home for countless and sundry sports. In fact there are so many sports which are world famous were born in this continent.

To start with, I would talk about cricket which is the most famous and loved sports in countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh etc. You can imagine the craze for the cricket in India that BCCI (cricket governing body of India) is world’s richest unit among any other country in the world. Also, it would surprise you that cricket is not the national game here but still people are completely into it.

Second is football. Even though none of the Asian countries are not into the international league and succeeded like other European countries but this particular game is growing rapidly and making its presence felt in most of the countries now.

Third comes the swimming. Countries like Singapore, Japan are leading from the front compared to US and European countries. Swimming is also being considered as the complete sport for the physical wellbeing hence it is also becoming popular among all the people.

Asia is also known for badminton as the favorite sport. Japan and Singapore are leading this game with India almost on the same range. China is also doing exceptionally well as the government is very supportive and allocated good amount for the sports promotion in the country with very lucrative schemes for enticing people more into sports.

Golf is another very famous and considered to be the game of rich people but over last few years’ people from all the classes have focused on to this game and willing to take it to the next level as their career guide. Due to which, recently held gold-championship in Singapore the mass participation from countries like India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka.

When talking about famous sports in Asia, Table Tennis which is also nicknamed as TT cannot be left far behind because in all the indoors games, this is considered to be the most relaxing and focus-oriented game which helps increase your agility and reflexes which in turn keeps you fit and active.

Lastly, I would prefer to the list the billiards which is another very attractive and interesting game. People are increasingly being aware of this game and there are growing trends where people are opting for this game on the professional level. Currently we have the supremacy in this game in India where the Billiards world champion resides but other countries like Singapore, China and Japan are not far behind in the race.

Having said all this does not mean that cycling or hoverboarding are left behind. These two are trending these days. You can pick any electric transport gadget reviews and see for yourself.

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