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7 most popular sports in asia

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Image result for hoverboarding as sportAsia is known to be the home for countless and sundry sports. In fact there are so many sports which are world famous were born in this continent.

To start with, I would talk about cricket which is the most famous and loved sports in countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh etc. You can imagine the craze for the cricket in India that BCCI (cricket governing body of India) is world’s richest unit among any other country in the world. Also, it would surprise you that cricket is not the national game here but still people are completely into it.

Second is football. Even though none of the Asian countries are not into the international league and succeeded like other European countries but this particular game is growing rapidly and making its presence felt in most of the countries now.

Third comes the swimming. Countries like Singapore, Japan are leading from the front compared to US and European countries. Swimming is also being considered as the complete sport for the physical wellbeing hence it is also becoming popular among all the people.

Asia is also known for badminton as the favorite sport. Japan and Singapore are leading this game with India almost on the same range. China is also doing exceptionally well as the government is very supportive and allocated good amount for the sports promotion in the country with very lucrative schemes for enticing people more into sports.

Golf is another very famous and considered to be the game of rich people but over last few years’ people from all the classes have focused on to this game and willing to take it to the next level as their career guide. Due to which, recently held gold-championship in Singapore the mass participation from countries like India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka.

When talking about famous sports in Asia, Table Tennis which is also nicknamed as TT cannot be left far behind because in all the indoors games, this is considered to be the most relaxing and focus-oriented game which helps increase your agility and reflexes which in turn keeps you fit and active.

Lastly, I would prefer to the list the billiards which is another very attractive and interesting game. People are increasingly being aware of this game and there are growing trends where people are opting for this game on the professional level. Currently we have the supremacy in this game in India where the Billiards world champion resides but other countries like Singapore, China and Japan are not far behind in the race.

Having said all this does not mean that cycling or hoverboarding are left behind. These two are trending these days. You can pick any electric transport gadget reviews and see for yourself.

If you want to know more about this sport, watch this out:

Excel at fishing as a sport

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Image result for fishing as a sportFish of the sea do not belong to any single person. They are available and accessible to everyone. Fishing is the process of catching wild fish and other aquatic species from waters either as a business or for sport.


Recreational fishing is the sports activity or the sports of catching fishes. Recreational fishing exists since centuries. But, it is not clear when and how recreational fishing has been started. There are many ways of recreational fishing which includes

  1. Hand gathering
  2. Spearing
  3. Netting
  4. Trapping
  5. Angling

These are the process of catching fish with hooks, lines and rods. Rods and reels are for fly fishing outfits. Fishing can be broken down into saltwater fishing and fresh water fishing.


These days various fishing tournaments have also started for winning prizes. There are many types of tournaments but bass tournament fishing is very popular and also includes lots of prize money. There are many different kinds of tournaments such as catfish tournaments, walleye tournaments etc. Tournament anglers display their sportsmanship at the high level and most of them understand and know their limitations and respect their fellow anglers.


There should be polite communications between them. It is the most democratic of all recreational sports as anyone can fish there is no limitation of any sex or age. If we want to learn to fish we should know what, where, when, why and each and every aspect of fishing. Easiest method of learning about fishing is trial and error method which gives more lasting effect on our knowledge. You can find very good read about fishing online.


Varity of techniques may be used by the beginners to make their learning enjoyable. A person should always carry a pack of seasickness medicine along with them otherwise it will ruin the whole day. We should always hire a party boat which provides every thing uses for fishing such as bait, rod and reel, hooks, sinkers. These boats carry many anglers. One of the mates will stay close to us and also help us. Another advantage of fishing is that you can be close to Seaside residences.


The beginner and successful angler should know about the location of fish at any particular time. Fish move from one place to other and back with the tide and current. There is a difference between the beginner and the knowledgeable anglers that they know about the location and movement of fish so they can catch a large number of fish. If a person is on the water everyday and keep track on the fish will be able to catch more fishes than others. Check out this video if you want to learn even more:

Taking Your Children to Fishing

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Image result for taking Your Children to Fishing

Living in a high rise condominium like Grandeur Park Residences may not expose your children too much to the great outdoors. It is highly likely that they become exposed to skyscrapers more. This is not an issue especially because the Grandeur Park Residences developer did a great job in having a nice looking building but if fishing is your hobby, you would like your children to get exposed to this hobby as well.

Perhaps you have already tried to take your children fishing in the past but it only ended in disaster because your children ended up being bored. They did not know what to watch out for and probably, they thought that fishing would be just like it is in different television shows. There are some things that you can do to make children more likely to enjoy fishing. Get to know some tips as you continue reading.

  1. Choose the right place to fish.

You can research ahead of time about the different fishing spots wherein catching fish is more likely. When you do this, you can pick the spot where your children or you may catch fish that you can cook or bring home. There are times when you can also catch fish that you just like to put back in the body of water because it is not about cooking fish. You just want to experience the thrill of catching one especially when you are with your children. You can learn more about the best fishing spots here.

  1. Let your children have their own equipment.

It will not be fun for your children if they are just going to watch you fish. It is best that you buy them their very own fishing equipment so that they can imitate what you are doing. You can also teach them how they are going to place their bait so that if they would do it again in the future, they will be more aware of the different things they ought to do.

  1. If you do not intend to eat the fish, practice catch and release.

You can teach your children at an early age that they do not need to catch and eat the fish that they get every time. When you do this, you can expect that they will continue doing this in the future even when they grow older.

Get to learn more tips about the things you can do in order to take your children fishing from here:

It is likely that fishing with your kids is going to be a fun experience for everyone as long as you follow the tips mentioned above.

How to Catch Trout

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Image result for How to Catch Trout

You may be celebrating because you have finally figured out how to properly use the Moneyiq home loan calculator. You already know how much money you need to spend so you have figured out that you have excess money to do something fun.

One of the best activities that you can do during your spare time is to do fishing. This is one activity that you can do on your own though it will also be fun if you can spend it with your family members and friends. Perhaps you are aiming to catch trout because you have never done it before, do you know some tips that will allow you to catch one (or a few) better?

Depending on where you live, you may be required to get a fishing license. Just to be sure, get one to be sure.  Once you already have a license, you can proceed with catching a trout:

  1. Make sure that you have the proper equipment that will allow you to catch a trout with ease. You can ask people in the fishing store where you are going to purchase what they would recommend especially if you are a beginner.
  2. Buy light tackle. If you are aiming to catch a river trout, a light tackle is the best one to use. The preferred weight is about 2 – 8 lbs. Remember that if you make it too heavy, this will increase the chances that your line will get tangled. This will only frustrate you.
  3. Find the right location to fish. Not all parts of the river will be adequate for the type of fishing that you want to do. If you have some gear or equipment that you can use in order to find trout, then use it. There are some applications now that you can place on your phone now so you do not have to buy a separate gadget anymore.
  4. Get the right type of bait. Remember that the type of bait that you can use will also differ depending on where you are fishing. There are some that do not allow the use of live bait. If live bait is allowed, live baits are very popular and may allow you to catch fish better. If in case you are not allowed, you can use canned corn kernels.

Learn more about trout fishing from here:

It is best that you will try to catch upstream because the lure that you are going to use will appear to flow with the water and it will not be too obvious to the trout that you are trying to catch.

Best Fishing Spots in the World

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If you have always loved fishing then it will not be a problem for you searching for a spot near your home that you will allow you to get the fish that you want. Sometimes, you may fish not because you want to catch one for food but because you just want to relax and forget about the things that are troubling you.

Are you having trouble with trying to convince other people of your ideas and you feel like you are being taken for granted? Remember that taking presentation skills course Singapore will allow you to have the right skills necessary to be noticed. You may learn more about this by checking out HighSpark Facebook Page.

Once you already know how to get people’s attention with your ideas and how you can present those ideas properly, you can already relax and the best thing that you can do is to go fishing. What if you would be given a chance to check out various parts of the world? Wouldn’t this be nice? Here are some of the fishing spots that you may want to visit soon:

  1. Nova Scatia Canada

If your main goal is to catch some of the biggest tuna that you can get your hands on then you will not be disappointed when you travel all the way to Canada in order to catch Tuna. You may never know, you might get fish that is bigger than all the other ones you caught before.

  1. Malindi, Kenya

Would you like to try catching fish that you have never caught before? You know that you will not get disappointed with this fishing spot. There are times when people were able to acquire different species of the same fish in a day. If you are traveling to Kenya, make sure that you will bring your fishing gear with you because you will not be disappointed with what you will get.

  1. Panama

If you would like to catch huge fish that you would like to eat then you would love to visit Panama at the soonest possible time. The fish that you will get may differ depending on what body of water you are going to fish from or if you are going to fish near the shore or not but you can count on an abundance of wonderful fish that you can catch.

There are still a lot of fishing spots all over the world that are worth checking out. You can learn more about that from here:

It can be a good adventure to try checking them all out.

Tips to make fishing fun

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There are a lot of people who are usually too engulfed in the things that they see online that they tend to forget about the beauty and the wonders of life. It is only normal that you will be focusing on your work especially when you work in a seo search agency in Singapore. Work will allow you to know more about yourself and your capabilities but there will be times when you need to step away from work as well as your other responsibilities to think about life in general and what you can do to improve your life.

If in case you cannot think of a hobby that you can do so that you will forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life that you spend on thinking about your work, what you can do is do something that you know will help you become more relaxed such as fishing. You can learn more details on how you can enjoy fishing from here:

For people who love the outdoors, they do not need to be convinced anymore to go fishing. They would just get their gear and go to their favorite spot. There are some benefits that can be received through fishing such as the following:

  • Get rid of stress.

Fishing is one of the best hobbies that you can do if you would like to get rid of stress that you have acquired because of work. You will be given a chance to make your own decisions about where you will fish, what bait you will use and a lot of other things that you may not have freedom to do when you are at work. The other activity that I know that can help you relieve stress is music. Go take up some violin classes if you can too.

  • Bond with nature.

Whether you are going to be with someone else or not when you fish will be up to you but no matter what your decision will be, you do know that you need to bond with nature. You will be able to appreciate the surroundings more especially if you have not gotten the time to appreciate the path that you go through every day.

  • Fish is good for the health.

While this may depend on the type of fish that you are going to get, most fish do not have that much fat and cholesterol. They are also high in protein which makes them great when you would like to build your muscles and become healthier in general.

You do know that fishing is not only good for your heart but also for your soul. If you have not fished for a long time, now may be the right time to do so.

Planning a day of teambuilding activities for my Singapore buddies

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You know my hobbies is about fishing. We can fish all day. So in a few weeks time, i will be heading down to Singapore to plan for some events where I get my friends who are working there that share similar interests to come together.

So when we come together, we usually have fun, mingle around, but this time, I want to have some team building singapore activities to get every one to know each other better on a deeper level. We want to be different a bit this year as all the gatherings in the past has always been good, but we just feel that something is missing. Hence, something different this year.

The things I plan to do with them of course have to deal with more about sport tackles, because thats what we come together for! Some of them are my suppliers, which means they sell me sport tackles, which in turn i sell to my customers. Some of them are my fishing buddies are have been fishing as a hobby for years. So by getting them to come together, to know each other, we hope we can help each other’s businesses to grow and prosper more.

What else can we do in 1 day? Other than just team building games, I also plan to get everyone to sit down and explore opportunities for fishing as a sport in singapore. It is growing slightly as my friends shared with me that more and more people are into fishing in Singapore these days, just that it is not very popular yet. But it is good to hear such news from a far. Hence, my mission is to help them grow the industry a bit more.

Working as a team to grow a project is important, so i hope through these activities, we can learn more about each other personalities, just like learning about DISC profiling, and then work together to achieve a common goal.

That’s good for every one of my fishing buddies, as well as the fishing lovers as a whole!

By the way, if you miss out my last post on selling more sport tackles, please read here. I think it is important that if we want to grow the fishing sport more, we have to learn more about technology and how it works. We need to tap into new opportunities to get people more interested to learn about fishing.

That’s an update from me now. Once the teambuilding day is over, I’ll be back with the updates,and you can see all the fun we have. Stay tuned!

Trower Sport Tackle.

Want to Sell More Sport Tackles? Consider Google SEO

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Fishing is one of the things that a lot of people consider as a good hobby. There are a lot of people who become relaxed when they are just fishing because they can just wait and just become engulfed in the serenity of their surroundings. There is a need for people to have all the right gear in order to fish and this is one thing that a lot of companies hope for. They would like to make sure that they will be able to sell of their sport tackles to have more sales.

It is normal for companies to try advertising and marketing in order for people to go to their physical stores but for people who are selling online, what can be one good option? The option is actually simple; companies can sell more items with the help of Google SEO.

Website owners who would like to sell sports tackles will not be able to sell properly without the help of the right SEO Company Singapore. Choosing just one company can be hard especially because there are so many websites available. Want to make choosing less complicated? Look for a site that is well known to offer great service.

If you own the website, you have to make sure that you will make this clear to your chosen SEO Company:

  • Make sure that your business is something that you will also be naturally interested in. You would have to view your website like a customer. If you are drawn to your website then this is a good sign. This means that your website is naturally interesting.
  • Work with the SEO Company so that the mission and the vision of your company will be displayed on the website. This will allow people to get to know your site more. The more that they learn about your site, the more that they will trust you.
  • It will be best if you could tell the SEO Company ahead of time how you would like the website to look like. Also, be honest about your goals so that the company will know how urgent your need is. This will also help them with the type of strategy that they are going to use.

If you are not sure which company you are going to choose, you can check out Frozenrank Agency. It will make a lot of difference with how good you would be able to sell. SEO Agency Singapore will always be willing to help you out no matter what you need. Get to know more facts and details about SEO when you check this out:

My new security device at home – digital lock!

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So far we have relied heavily on other measures for the safety and security of our house or office through cameras, scanners, alarms etc. but the latest one to join this bandwagon is none other than locks; yes I am talking about digital locks which are ruling the roost at the moment throughout.

Singapore has shown tremendous potential in the digital locks and the market is going to grow many folds in coming years undoubtedly. This has become evident through the digital lock sale report gathered across the country from different shops, retailers, shoppers in different cities.

Digital locks are way ahead of their contemporaries in providing the most reliable layer of security which was never ever imagined before. They are working in tandem with other surveillance and security gadgets and complimenting them very nicely.

The best feature about the digital locks is extensibility which makes them even more secure and reliable compared to anything else. In my case, for example, I have configured my digital lock on the main door with my phone software such that any entry/exit is recorded here.

Likewise, I have also configured door lock with my camera and recording system such that any movement is trapped properly in the system for me to have a look at later point of time. I have also got this system configured with the alarm system where any undesirable access is reported, captured and triggered at the same point of time making my house safe and secure.

Out of many types of locks currently available in the market, the one which actually shook me hard and compelled me to have a look was yale lock Singapore which are very gorgeous and robust in nature. They are also available in the customized format so that you could install the modified version depending upon your need and current set up.

Digital locks are also available with biometric system embedded which makes them a composite security system hard to breach. Not only that, it is quite easy to reset them as and when required provided you should have the master password handy.

In Singapore specially, an digital lock is providing the class level authentic products in a much reasonable cost which you would not find anywhere else. They have a good reputation as well for providing good post delivery service as well. You can find more about them through an digital lock facebook page.

If you do keep fishes as pets, then you need to know something about air compressors

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We hunt for fishes, and we hardly keep fishes as pets. However, I met up with a friend recently who are into fish too, but he kept them as pets! So, it’s quite a different side of me. Even though we are not on the same hobby, we have a common topic – Fishes!

Therefore, I learn a thing or two about keeping fishes as pets, which is what he is good, and love doing. Plus, I also share with him what I do, and why I love Sport Fishing.

So for my readers who are into sport fishing, we’ll take a break here, but let’s look into keeping fishes as hobbies. And no, it is not just keeping them in a fishbowl. It is about keeping precious fish in a proper fish tanks with proper air circulation. This is done by using the right compressed air produced by the suitable air compressor.

Air compressors are widely used nowadays. From simple air pumps and inflators to heavy industrial machinery like a jackhammer, air compressor is an important part in accomplishing many tasks.

So what is an air compressor anyway? Well, to make it simple, it is a kind of mechanical tool that supplies compressed air to another tool so that it can do its work. In most cases, these air compressors are used in construction applications, automotive and manufacturing industries.

But there are some cases that air compressors are much needed in emergency situations and when there is no available standard air compressors. Air compressor can also come in a much smaller and portable scale.

portable air compressor

Portable reciprocating air compressors are easy to find and get. Some examples of simple and easy to use air compressors can be found and are often used at home or office such as paint guns or glue guns. Unlike the bigger version of air compressors, these types have no containers or tank to put the compressed air with therefore they are kept on or running in order to supply the needed air to do a job.

  • There are many different types of portable air compressors that are available in the market. Also, there are basic options for these air compressors and to name a few these are;
    Tow-bar designs of air compressor (the ones where the vehicle is lifted)
  • Heavy duty air filters which are used for dusty environments
  • Reheatertypes that are used to heat up the cooled air to prevent moisture
  • After cooler types – the opposite of the reheater, this one cools down the
    compressed air

These compressors, since they are portable, needs to be maintained well.
For air compressors that are used in aquaculture such as fishing or taking care of fish in an aquarium, they require to be “oil-less”. Some good examples of air compressors used in aquaculture are air pumps and blowers.

Air pumps and blowers are mainly used in the aquarium where it is needed to supply in the tank. Air pumps are essential in regulating the exchange of gas inside the aquarium by producing air bubbles in which it agitates the water surface.

This is done by pumping in fresh oxygen-rich air into the water and then the harmful gasses in the water are then expelled. Depending on how much supply of oxygen is present in the aquarium, the need for an air pump will be necessary in order to give a steady supply of oxygen.

air compressor

The above image is a BOYU DC Air Compressor which a portable air compressor and this can be bought in amazon. The great thing about this one, aside from being a portable air compressor, is that it is quite silent. The design is nice and it can even be used as an air vacuum pump.

As conclusion, the importance air compressors is very essential in today’s age where we don’t to manual blow the air into something just to make it move. With the invention of air compressors, life has indeed been made simple.

If you are looking for suitable air compressors, you can purchase them at as they have a range of compressors you can choose from.

I’ll be back on my blog to share more about my latest fishing catch!

Jeff Trower signing off.