Why Fishing can be your new sport in 2015

A recreational activity or hobby helps to maintain a healthy balance in your life. If your hobby is a sport or an outdoor activity, it is even better. There can be several outdoor activities which you can take up as your hobby like Football, Surfing, Swimming, Fishing etc. In my opinion, fishing is a wholesome activity.

It gives you a breath of fresh air. It is entertaining. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature all by yourself. First thing to check before you go fishing is that you have an appropriate license. There are a variety of fishing tackles available these days to make your experience more enjoyable.

There are different kinds of hooks, rods, reels and baits available. Choose the hook size according to the type of fish. Number 1 hooks generally fit most types. When you buy your tackle, do not forget to buy tackle storage to keep your space de-cluttered and organized.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your tackle should be according to the water where you will start fishing. Ocean gear is pretty different from freshwater gear. Though you get a variety of bottled baits, its best to use natural baits. This attracts the fish instantaneously. Prey fish, frog, earthworm or other insects make very good natural baits. For fishing, timing is as important as bait.

If there are thousands of fish in the water but they are already well fed, they will never bite the bait. Choose a time when fish are most active. The timing will vary according to the season. Believe it or not, but moon phase has a fairly strong effect on your fishing experience.

During the full moon, fish tend to feed more. Best time is one hour before and after the high tide. You will need to have some practical training for certain things like tying the knots. To be good at this sport, you will also need practice like anything else.

You should also avoid wearing bright clothes,smoking cigarettes and making loud noise. Fish have a fairly good eyesight, smell sense and hearing capacity. Once you have got everything right, it is time to get in real action.

Tie the knot. Cast the Line. Wait Patiently. Hook it when it bites. Roll the reel. If you don’t intend to eat the catch, remove the hook gently and release it back.

If you intend to eat it, make sure that you are fishing in the clean water and you have something to carry the fish in.

Will you be kicking off your new fishing sport in the new year? Try it! Let us know your first steps in fishing.

Plus, stayed tuned to our blog as we share with you more about fishing, tackle, equipment, and anything that will kick start your new hobby!