Jeff Trower

Hey Welcome! 

Jeff here. And yes, welcome to my fishing site! Fishing is brand new to me, but it is one activity that I want to be in after 5 long years.

How I started? 

It started with a simple game that my dad played with me. He loves fishing. I don’t. But my dad is not a professional, but just that his passion has kept him going and he has been going out to fish for fun for almost 10 years. So that 1 day, I followed him out.

How hard can fishing be? 

That’s what I thought too!

fishing outsideThrow your bait, or in fishing, we call it ‘tackle’ into the pond, wait for a while, and the fish will bite it and Viola! You have your fish! Yes, that was so easy as appeared in movies and cartoons. But nah… only if that’s easy, then I wouldn’t be interested in this sport already.

I did what my dad told me, hooked up everything and waited for the chance to finally catch my first ever fish in my life. And there I threw it down into the small riverside that he brought me to.

After an hour, I saw my rod shaking, but that’s just the wind and waves.

I’m fine, let’s just wait patiently.

tackleAnd little did I know I waited for 7 years for my first fish. And it’s not that glamorous. Just a small simple one that I don’t think can be my tea break. It’s so de-moralizing. But my dad enjoys it! Since we are out, I have nothing else to do, I just have to pick it up, set up my tackle again, and go for a bigger one.

So I went on and on and on.

No results for my first day out for fishing. But I enjoy the moment with my dad. And whenever I saw him got a fish, no matter the size, he always have some lessons to teach me. This is a golden moment which touch me the most.


I’m not that skilled in fishing, but I have caught some fishes, and I intend to carry on! And so here’s why you’re reading this blog! I don’t have lots to share, and I’m not any professional fisher out there. But I’m learning along the way, and probably outdo my best every time I went out.

If you like what I share here, then come back often and share it with your fellow friends who love fishing too!

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