If you do keep fishes as pets, then you need to know something about air compressors

We hunt for fishes, and we hardly keep fishes as pets. However, I met up with a friend recently who are into fish too, but he kept them as pets! So, it’s quite a different side of me. Even though we are not on the same hobby, we have a common topic – Fishes!

Therefore, I learn a thing or two about keeping fishes as pets, which is what he is good, and love doing. Plus, I also share with him what I do, and why I love Sport Fishing.

So for my readers who are into sport fishing, we’ll take a break here, but let’s look into keeping fishes as hobbies. And no, it is not just keeping them in a fishbowl. It is about keeping precious fish in a proper fish tanks with proper air circulation. This is done by using the right compressed air produced by the suitable air compressor.

Air compressors are widely used nowadays. From simple air pumps and inflators to heavy industrial machinery like a jackhammer, air compressor is an important part in accomplishing many tasks.

So what is an air compressor anyway? Well, to make it simple, it is a kind of mechanical tool that supplies compressed air to another tool so that it can do its work. In most cases, these air compressors are used in construction applications, automotive and manufacturing industries.

But there are some cases that air compressors are much needed in emergency situations and when there is no available standard air compressors. Air compressor can also come in a much smaller and portable scale.

portable air compressor

Portable reciprocating air compressors are easy to find and get. Some examples of simple and easy to use air compressors can be found and are often used at home or office such as paint guns or glue guns. Unlike the bigger version of air compressors, these types have no containers or tank to put the compressed air with therefore they are kept on or running in order to supply the needed air to do a job.

  • There are many different types of portable air compressors that are available in the market. Also, there are basic options for these air compressors and to name a few these are;
    Tow-bar designs of air compressor (the ones where the vehicle is lifted)
  • Heavy duty air filters which are used for dusty environments
  • Reheatertypes that are used to heat up the cooled air to prevent moisture
  • After cooler types – the opposite of the reheater, this one cools down the
    compressed air

These compressors, since they are portable, needs to be maintained well.
For air compressors that are used in aquaculture such as fishing or taking care of fish in an aquarium, they require to be “oil-less”. Some good examples of air compressors used in aquaculture are air pumps and blowers.

Air pumps and blowers are mainly used in the aquarium where it is needed to supply in the tank. Air pumps are essential in regulating the exchange of gas inside the aquarium by producing air bubbles in which it agitates the water surface.

This is done by pumping in fresh oxygen-rich air into the water and then the harmful gasses in the water are then expelled. Depending on how much supply of oxygen is present in the aquarium, the need for an air pump will be necessary in order to give a steady supply of oxygen.

air compressor

The above image is a BOYU DC Air Compressor which a portable air compressor and this can be bought in amazon. The great thing about this one, aside from being a portable air compressor, is that it is quite silent. The design is nice and it can even be used as an air vacuum pump.

As conclusion, the importance air compressors is very essential in today’s age where we don’t to manual blow the air into something just to make it move. With the invention of air compressors, life has indeed been made simple.

If you are looking for suitable air compressors, you can purchase them at Sgcompressor.com as they have a range of compressors you can choose from.

I’ll be back on my blog to share more about my latest fishing catch!

Jeff Trower signing off.